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Database Manager

WindowsThis is a Supported Download   |   Works With: IIS 7, IIS 7.5, IIS 8


IIS Database Manager allows you to easily manage your local and remote databases from within IIS Manager. IIS Database Manager automatically discovers databases based on the Web server or application configuration and also provides the ability to connect to any database on the network. Once connected, IIS Database Manager provides a full array of administrative functionalities including managing tables, views, stored procedures and data as well as running ad hoc queries. IIS Database Manager provides support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. In addition, because IIS Database Manager is an extension of IIS Manager, administrators can securely delegate the management of databases to authorized local or remote users, without having to open additional management ports on the server.

Administer local and remote databases through IIS Manager

As an IIS Manager extension, IIS Database Manager can be used by local administrators and remote site owners or developers with delegated privileges. Once connected, users can creating tables, edit existing tables, add or edit data, add or modify indexes and keys, run SQL queries, and much more. In addition, remote users can access all the capabilities of IIS Database Manager when connecting over the Internet using HTTP over SSL.

Query data more conveniently

Pre-loading the list of connection strings stored in the configuration system allows convenient interaction with the data, store procedures and views while still permitting server administrators to maintain control of which databases can be managed.

Backup and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases through IIS Manager

IIS Database Manager allows IT Administrators to manage backup and restore operations of Microsoft SQL Server databases within IIS Manager. Since IIS Database Manager can handle Windows Authentication and SQL Authentication credentials, IT Administrators can also delegate this administrative procedure to other IIS users.


  • Manage Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL databases:
    • Add, rename, drop, and edit tables
    • View and manage primary keys, indexes and foreign keys
    • Edit data
    • Establish connections to multiple databases
    • Create and execute queries
    • Create, alter and delete stored procedures and views
    • Manage both local and remote database from your machine
  • Backup and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • IIS 7 Manager provides remote management capabilities with a clean firewall-friendly option for managing a remote SQL Server
  • Exposes a public extensibility platform that enables the development of providers to support other databases
  • Compatible with SQL 2008/2005 and MySQL

Download Database Manager 1.0